TMK IPSCO produces tubular products up to 16" in diameter by the high frequency electric resistance weld process ("ERW" for short). In the process a coil of steel is continuously fed through a set of rolls to form it into a cylindrical hollow shape with the coil’s length as its axis. The two edges are then heated to red-hot temperatures by applying electrical energy and are forged together such that the edges are fused permanently upon cooling. The Blytheville, Camanche, Wilder, and Geneva pipemaking facilities all utilize the ERW process.

To produce rectangular or square tubes the round pipe is immediately put through a set of forming rolls to alter its shape. Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) or structural tubing, are made at the Geneva facility.

Major Product Groups
• 2 3/8" through 16" outside diameter
• 0.154" to 0.500" wall thickness rounds
• 2" through 7" square and equivalent rectangles
• 0.125" through 0.250" wall thickness

Major End Uses
• Plumbing pipe for water distribution (primarily in multi-family dwellings and commercial or industrial establishments)
• Oil and gas well casing and tubing (referred to in the trade as "oil country tubular goods" or "OCTG")
• Pipe for gathering oil and gas from wells, transmitting it long distances, and for the final distribution to end-customers (pipe for these purposes is collectively referred to as "line pipe")
• Water and sewage transmission pipe
• Tubular products for equipment, building and construction applications, most often in square or rectangular cross-sections referred to in trade circles as "hollow structural sections", HSS or structural tubing