Corporate Safety Principles

Leadership - Lead by example
We are all responsible for our own health and safety and should set an example for others. Management is accountable for safety and will demonstrate leadership through personal example. Workers are responsible for working safely, following policies and procedures, and identifying hazards

Hazard Identification, Control Measures and Metrics - Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control
We will identify hazards and risks associated with our operations starting with major risks. We will put in place appropriate control measures and challenge them in the context of change, so that we aim for continuous improvement. We will establish systems for tracking our performance and regularly conduct internal and external audits of our risk control measures and management systems.

Training and Safe Culture - Understanding is the key to safe behavior
We will ensure that all our employees are trained and qualified for their jobs. We will select contractors who can demonstrate competence and effectiveness.

Incident Analysis and Prevention - All accidents are preventable
We will ensure work-related incidents and near misses are reported, investigated and analyzed to prevent recurrence. Our investigations focus on root causes versus finding blame. Recommendations will be shared and implemented across the Company.

Sharing and Learning Unified team approach to improvement
We are all responsible for sharing good practice as well as learning from mistakes. Sharing experiences with each other will help prevent incidents.