TMK IPSCO’s Research & Development Center is a premier center for technology, developing product advancements in welded and seamless pipe as well as premium connections.

Furthering our commitment to deliver a competitive advantage for our customers, the 70,000 square foot Research & Development Center combines the most advanced virtual and physical testing equipment with some of the industry’s leading engineers, scientists and technologists. These tubular experts cover a variety of disciplines, including metallurgy, mechanical engineering, corrosion and product testing. Here, we do:

Virtual testing for performance validation
Testing for improving corrosion resistance
Extreme physical testing for product integrity

Customers seeking to shorten their time to market have the opportunity to collaborate with our team members - and utilize the center’s state-of-the-art equipment - to develop more customized solutions for the industry’s ever-changing applications.

To learn more, check out the R&D Center brochure. Better yet, be our guest and come to the facility in person. We look forward to your visit!