A53 Standard Pipe

A pipe is a pipe is a pipe. Right?
Chemistry. Physical properties. Yield and tensile strength. All to ASTM specs. These things make a pipe A53. Exceptional quality and consistency are what make a pipe TMK IPSCO A53. Take a closer look. There's more to TMK IPSCO than meets the eye.

The TMK IPSCO Advantage
We use electric resistance welding instead of inferior continuous weld or lap weld processes. And, we use ultrasonic weld line inspection instead of electromagnetic methods that may not reveal all flaws.
Of course, TMK IPSCO is ISO 9001 certified. We offer full lab metallurgical capabilities that are second to none. In addition, we provide exceptional levels of technical assistance regarding quality and performance issues.
Another important TMK IPSCO advantage is the traceability of our steel. Our ISO certification dictates that the steel be traceable by heat number, and that works to your benefit.
We offer a broad range of products packaged in convenient bundle sizes and produce ASTM A53B in sizes 2 3/8" to 16" OD in wall thicknesses 0.154" to 0.500.
We can produce lengths from 16 to 60 feet and stocks common sizes in 18-, 20-, 21- and 42-foot lengths. The cutting tolerances on standard lengths are -0"/+2". Non-standard lengths are available from production runs based on quantity.
We make high-quality beveled ends, too. Cut grooving, roll grooving, threaded and coupled pipe, and galvanized are available through turnkey contractors. We can make all the arrangements for you.

Price, Availability and Service TMK IPSCO is always competitively priced. We conduct frequent rollings to maintain product availability. Wecan ship products by barge, rail or truck or you can pick it up yourself. No matter what the delivery method, TMK IPSCO dual stencils and certifies to ASTM A53B and ASME SA53 specifications.
Just as important, we work hard to keep our customers informed by providing inventory and production schedules as well as regular order status reports. And because they're knowledgable, and caring, TMK IPSCO's customer service representatives are among the best in the business.
Call today to find out exactly how we can help you with your greatest challenges.