Summer Enrichment Program

On March 7, 2013, TMK IPSCO presented Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) for handicapped children and adults in Trumbull County, Ohio with a check for $10,000.00.

Throughout the year, Brookfield employees (along with their families) participated in events that included an ice cream social, clean-up of Beaver Trail at Mosquito Lake Park and a Christmas party for participants in the LEAP Program (Life Enriching Activities Program), an affiliate of SEP.

"Our team was truly cross-functional," said Kathryn Hodgkinson, HR Manager at TMK IPSCO’s Brookfield facility. The entire Brookfield team - plant management, engineering, administrative, maintenance, production, yard, quality and safety - all worked cohesively through the events. Nearly 100 percent of the employees participated in one event or another. That’s nearly 70 employees who reached out to our community!"

"We received back much more than we gave," said Ernie Sexton, plant manager at the TMK IPSCO’s Brookfield facility. "Interacting with these amazing people and their families puts life into perspective. Not only did the team’s efforts help SEP and LEAP, but others will benefit as well through the trail repairs and clean-up at Mosquito Lake. We’re extremely fortunate to be a part of this."