Hollow Structural Sections

TMK IPSCO’s Geneva, Nebraska HSS plant is located in the heartland of the American Midwest’s agricultural industry.

Our structural tube is Made and Melted in the USA. Our HSS products are used in multiple manufacturing methods, including original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and steel fabrication facilities serving that agricultural and construction industries.

The Geneva plant is one of 13 North American facilities within TMK IPSCO’s portfolio. TMK IPSCO operates as the North American division of TMK. TMK IPSCO is one of the largest North American producers of welded and seamless pipe.

Geneva Plant Background

The Geneva plant produces square and rectangular welded tubular products.

- The building was originally built in the 1950’s for multiple services.
- In the 1970’s, the building was converted for agricultural irrigation systems.
- In 1988, IPSCO Tubulars Inc. acquired Geneva Tube and named it IPSCO Geneva Works.
- In 1992, IPSCO dedicated Geneva Works to produce structural steel exclusively and continues to be committed to producing HSS products.


Customers use our products in a variety of applications: agricultural, commercial, industrial and construction for both private and government sector projects.

Agricultural OEM Fabrication Applications

- The Geneva HSS plant is geographically well positioned to serve the U.S. agricultural industry.

- HSS is commonly used to manufacture agricultural row crop and livestock equipment.

- Livestock equipment is used for cattle guards, corral panels, gates, chutes, feeders and other working farm equipment.
- Row crop equipment often requires heavy gauge durable, long lasting steel. Farmers must be able to navigate their way through rugged environments effectively and efficiently.

- Row crop cultivators
- Broadcast sprayers
- Farm ridger
- Beef carts
- Other heavy farm equipment  

Construction and OEM Applications                                                                     

- The Geneva plant also produces HSS for the construction industry including:

Industrial applications:

- Industrial machinery
- Rack and storage
- Automotive
- OEM manufacturers
- Fabricators

Commercial applications:

- Sports Stadiums
- High-rises such as those found along Chicago’s growing skyline
- Hospitals and clinics 

Government projects rely on our domestically manufactured steel to produce bridges, schools and other government institutions.




Production Method

ERW Weld Line

ERW Weld Line

Size Range

2" x 2" -  7" x 7"

3" x 2" - 8" x 6"


0.120" - 0.250"

0.120" - 0.250"


ASTM A500, HSS Gr B & C

ASTM A500, HSS Gr B & C

Lengths (Standard or Custom)

20', 24', 40', 48'

20', 24', 40', 48'


TMK IPSCO Hollow Structure Tube HSS Brochure

TMK IPSCO Hollow Structure Tube_HSS_Size & Bundling Chart

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